Today I’m excited to announce that I’m opening a photo studio in Bethlehem. It’s been several years since I’ve had a studio and I’m busting at the seams be back painting with light in my own space. Location photography is exciting but the challenge of doing studio work is only going to grow my business.

I and another friend are going to be sharing space in a massive studio, possibly the largest in the Lehigh Valley. If you think that you would like to be a part of this new venture, let me know. There is painting and decorating to be done. In fact several improvements to the space will make our delivery several weeks away, so keep on the lookout for the opening reception.

I want to thank all those whose friendship, love and support have allowed this to happen. First my supportive wife Dawn. Her council keeps me both sharp and grounded at the same time. Friend Chuck Zofko who I will be sharing this studio with. Jarrett Laubach, leasing agent. Frank Smith and Brenda Fortna who have given me much sound business advice. Adam Atkinson for a strong back and patent ear.

I will be posting to this blog frequently, so stay in touch. If you want to be a supporting friend of the studio, let me know. It’s going to take lots of shoots to make this happen.


3 thoughts on “Studio

  1. Best Wishes on your studio opening.
    I miss our conversations at Dan’s. I agree with you on “not getting rid of old friends” With adapters I am using all my old Olympus OM series lenses on my Olympus E-500 and E-P1. They only work in aperture priority and manual focus, but they are still very sharp. They are all prime lenses except a rare Vivitar Series 90-180 Flat Field Macro. I also have a Canon 55mm f1.2 lens that lends new meaning to out of focus backgrounds.


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