Ashton Kutcher is a Hollywood Phony

Some rumors have suggested that Nikon might be on the outs with their spokesman Ashton. I have another take.

What would be inspiring as a Nikon Spokesman would be a hero. Someone cool, who has integrated photography into his entire life. A photographer’s photographer. Someone who is not just covering news or shooting pretty images for clients but rather is also taking visual documents of their family home and friends that are treasured.

My name is Ryan Hulvat and I am the real deal. I have been taking photos since a child. I built my own darkroom in the basement with treasures I found at a garage sale. My parents begged me to come out of the darkroom in high school when it got late. I brought my camera everywhere. It has been an extension of my eyes and hands for years.

I think I should be the next spokesman for Nikon. A great photographer who is living photography. I am someone who eats, sleeps and breathes photography. Someone who takes that camera home and shoots pictures that everyone shoots family and friends. Someone who shares that passion with students from 3 year olds, college students and adults hoping to grow as artists.

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