For more than 7 years I have been involved with teaching students of all ages and abilities photography. Some of the most rewarding work has been teaching at-risk youth photography as a means of advancing themselves.

My classes have included:

Digital Photography 101

Advanced Photoshop for Photographers

Discovering Digital Photography

Digital Journal

Digital Studio

Studio Lighting

Pasela (Art and literacy in early learning centers, ages 3-5)

B-Smart (Photography and Photoshop for “at-risk” middle school students)

Unseenamerica (A project devoted to putting cameras into the hands of the voiceless)

Lightroom Workshop

Adobe Camera Raw weekend workshop

Digital 101 Weekend

Digital Outerspace Camp

Camp Banana Splits

Darkroom Photography

Digital Bugs, Bats and Birds for Kids

Shoot the Steel

The Photo Documentary Project

The Photo Design Project


I am always on the lookout to add to the educational program of established institutions or create new vehicles of inspiration from the ground up. Please contact me of I can be of assistance to your organization or would simply like personal instruction.

Ryan Hulvat Teaching


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